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Cassamia Disinfection

We use Antibacterial Vaporizer that can spread fog to sanitize the entire space in 3D with AirGuard Solution (FLD-05), that can form a protective layer on all the exposed surfaces and objects in the room to inhibit bacterial growth up to 30Days.   It can be used as a regular maintenance solution in any interior place, car, house, office… etc.! It can inhibit most fungi, germs, bacteria and neutralize bad odors effectively.

Emphasize 4 elements to solve your problem

Safe . Efficient . Accredit . Long Lasting
Our disinfectant was made with non Irritating Ingredients, mostly found in cosmetic products, that comply National Health and Welfare Bureau Guideline. It is safe for human body where there is no negative impact left to human after disinfection done.
Through application of advance AirGuard Fogging Machine, it only required minimal time and labor to apply. Which minimal operation distraction to our client.
Result was proven by Superlab under JIS on eliminating more than 99.99% bacterial activity. Result was certified by SIRIM in Malaysia. (Pending approval from KKM)
Through fogging, it spread solution to entire space in 3D to form protection layer to object surface that can eliminate bacteria growth up to 30Days.

International Lab Tested and SIRIM Certified Disinfectant (FLD-05)


Effectiveness Test Using ATP Test

Safe Active Ingredients


Facts of Isopropyl Methylphenol (IPMP)

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permitted ingredient as a direct and food additive.
  • Used in bath, skin, personal care and hair products, hair dyes and mouthwashes.
  • Used as cosmetic biocides/preservatives and/or fragrance ingredients.
  • Obtained from the essential oil of the herb thyme
  • Effective as an antifungal preservative.
Hence, it's totally no harms to human including skin and eye after applied.

Highly Efficient Solution to Solve Customer Problem

We use advance machines that able to provide solution for spaces from small to big such as offices, schools, malls and more, in the most efficient way to minimize operation and hidden cost to our clients.
Disinfection Time Estimate 13 minutes
Disinfection Time Estimate 8 minutes
Disinfection Time Estimate 20 minutes
Disinfection Time Estimate 220 minutes

Our Solution gives Longer Effects

AirGuard Disinfectant will form a protection layer in 3D to the object treated and function as inhibitor to viruses and bacteria in the environment up to 30 Days. So the harmful tiny thing that you bring back couldn't hurt you and your love one. (time varies depends on air flow and human traffic)

Watch the video show how our solution continue it's function over time.

What Our Service Include?


Free consultation

Our disinfection team will advise you on the best solution to be apply to your space and conditions.

Pre-disinfection briefing

Before disinfection works carry out, our team will brief the process, do-s and don't-s to you for obtaining the best disinfection result.

Advance Fogging Disinfection with FLD-05

360 Disinfection with advance fogging machine to spread the solution to every corner for 100% protection.

Disinfection Note and Certificate

Disinfection note will be given to display at entrance to your stakeholders and Disinfection Certificate will be given with ATP Test Result stated before and after works carried.

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